MERI has a large & well stocked library with over 6000 books & journals. Faculties & Cadets are encouraged and welcome to use the resources available in the library for day to day use in class rooms & their research work. MERI is also an institutional member of the British Council Library.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable resource and are given individual assistance on the use of primary sources/rare materials in their research papers. Faculty are encouraged to utilize the resources of the Greenslade Special Collections and Archives, not only in their own research, but with their classes as well. We welcome the opportunity to introduce Special Collections and Archival materials into the classroom. We are available for instruction sessions or curricular planning, and we are happy to have classes and campus groups visit Special Collections by appointment.

MERI Library : Books & Library Rules


1. Every student is required to obtain a library Identity Card
2. Every borrower shall present herself / himself personally before the Librarian at the time of borrowing books. Cadets can borrow one book at a time. The book should be returned within seven days otherwise a fine Rs.5/ day will be charged per day.
3. Every student has to obtain the No Duce Certificate from the Librarian on completion of training prior to issue of final certificate & CDC etc.
4. No student can borrow a book for the second time within two days from the date of its return by the cadet.
5. Any person who loses a book or returns a defaced / detective book shall be liable to pay the amount double the cost of the book.
6. The Librarian is to see that the rule of silence is strictly observed in Reading Room as well as in the Library and to report any willful breach of the rule to the institute in-charge.
  NOTE: All Books shall be returned to the library whenever a notice is served by the institute in-charge / Librarian for a stock checking.
  Books will be issued to the students on production of the library borrowers card, issued at the start of the academic session. In case the card is lost, the student should bring this to the notice of the librarian at once to avoid any misuse of the card.

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: 91-22-23774261 / 23725987
Library Hours
9 hr a Day (Mon-Sat)
From : 8 AM TO 6 PM
Library Staff
Smt. Supriya Kamble


At MERI, each day is a new challenge as the training is of paramilitary type which helps to polish the discipline.
Life At MERI is not just about studying but also about preparing you to deal with real life at sea.
A learning experience that goes beyond books and boundaries, opening ones mind to more vibrant thoughts.
  Well Equipped Labs which include Physics, Electronics & engineering workshop Lathe machine shop. Well Equipped Gymnasium, Swimming pool , Canteen Facility .
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