T.S.Chanakya library has supported a web based training programme called TOLAS (TRAINNING ON LAND AND SEA). T.S. Chanakya acknowledges support of Fleet managent Ltd. a reputed organization in this regard. Videos on training on board & offshore are uploaded. Each cadet has been allotted a personal login id to get an access to the programme for his learning.

T S Chanakya Library : Books
CHANAKYA has a large and well stocked library. Library has collection of more than 10000 books.
The books cover different subjects of nautical Science, other sciences, genral books & fiction books. Library has huge collection of educational CD's & various technical periodicals. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these valuable resources. 


1. Silence is strictly maintained in the Library.
2. Every student is required to obtain Library cards at the beginning of academic session  to avail library facilities.
3. Each student has allotted 4 Library cards. 3 cards for issuance of book and 1 card is for educational magazine.
4. Borrower can issue a book for the period of 1 week. At a time 1 magazine can be issued for overnight.
5. If, in case books are not returned on time the Librarian can withheld library cards for 2 days.
6. Any student who loses a book or returns a spoiled book shall be liable to pay the amount double the cost of the book.
7. Reference books can not be issued.
8. No student is allowed in library during class hours.
9. Every student has to obtain the No Due Certificate from the Librarian on completion of training prior to issue of final certificate & CDC.


T. S. Chanakya
91-22-27703876 / 27701935
Ext : 202
Direct Line :91-22-27710727


Library Hours
From : 9.30 AM TO 5.30 PM
Library Staff
Ms. Manisha Shankar Bhatkar (M.Lib)
(Trainee Librarian)


At Chanakya, each day is a new challenge and full of numerous activities (Swimming, yoga, games, jogging,boating etc).
Life at Chanakya is not just about studying but also about preparing you to deal with real life scenarios.
A learning experience that goes beyond books and boundaries, opening my mind to more vibrant thoughts.
Well Equipped Labs which include Physics / Electronics, Chemistry, Computer etc.
Library with a rich collection of books from all over the globe.
Modern Canteen facility.
Gym and Yoga Classes under experienced Teachers
Olympic Size Swimming pool
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